Recycled Newspaper Pencils
Recycled Newspaper Pencils

Recycled Newspaper Pencils

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These beautiful, colourful pencils are made from 100% recycled newspaper. An ideal gift for children. 

As the handmade pencils are made from recycled newspaper it helps to reduce the amount of unwanted global waste. A recycled, useful product that looks good too.

Set of 10 Pencils - 2mm HB Length 17cm


The pencils are made by a social enterprise in Sri Lanka, called Earthbound Creations. There aim is to minimise the environmental damage caused by the overuse and unsustainability of plastics and so only use eco-friendly recycled paper to create stunning gifts.

Many of artisans are homeworkers. This allows access to those who may be mothers, disabled or of an older age to still provide for themselves and others.

Earthbound Creations are committed to helping their community as much as possible. With their ever growing business, they have helped over 250 families and have reduced the migration of women as labourers into towns and to overseas destinations.

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