Recycled Lorry Curtain Martha Bag
Recycled Lorry Curtain Martha Bag

Recycled Lorry Curtain Martha Bag

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We are very proud of our selection of bags made from waste materials such as inner tubes, coffee sacks and recycled leather fragments. But we are particularly fond of this bag because it shares a name with Marth from Love Zimbabwe - our good friend and a true Fair Trade champion! This spacious and stylish bag is made from lorry curtain fabric and inner tube handles - both of which would otherwise have ended up in landfill. This makes it waterproof and super strong. Perfect as a shopping bag or beach bag it also makes a great fashion statement with its lovely vibrant shade of blue.

Dimensions: 38cm high x 40cm wide

Vegan friendly


These bags are made in the Chilomoni Township in Malawi, providing training and employment to the skilled tailors and using the profits to fund a children's centre. The old inner tubes and lorry curtains are shipped to Malawi in the same containers as donated bikes that are refurbished for use by the local community. The upcycling of these waste materials saves them from going into landfill, so they are a great sustainable product. 

They are brought to us by Cycle of Good who, like us, are members of BAFTS Fair Trade Network UK.

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