Palestinian Olive Wood - Honey Dripper/Dibber/Spoon

Palestinian Olive Wood - Honey Dripper/Dibber/Spoon

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Now we've always called these a honey dibber but apparently dipper, drizzler and honey spoon are all used to describe this handy bit of kitchen ware. Whatever the name, this a lovely traditional way to get runny honey from the jar onto your toast with minimal sticky mess! This fair trade honey spoon is hand carved from olive wood in Bethlehem. The olive wood, which is synonymous with the region, is pruned after the annual harvest and then left to dry out before being carved. The texture and colour of the olive wood make each spoon different and unique. 

Dimensions: 17cm x 2.5cm x 2.5cm


These olive wood honey spoons are made by independent carvers working in small workshops in Bethlehem and the surrounding West Bank villages. Although the situation in these regions can't be compared to that in Gaza, there has still been an escalation of violence and increased restrictions of movement which continue to make it difficult to work and make a living.

The carvers are members of Bethlehem Fair Trade Artisans (BFTA) which is an umbrella grassroots organisation that works to develop the artisan community in the West Bank and provide a valuable link between local producers and the international marketplace. Making these olive wood products creates work for the skilled fair trade artisans who are living in one of the most challenging regions of the world. They are brought to us by Fair To Trade who, like us, are members of BAFTS Fair Trade Network UK. 

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