Mexican Recycled Glass - Turquoise
Mexican Recycled Glass - Turquoise

Mexican Recycled Glass - Turquoise

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Don't you just hate picking up a delicate glass and feeling like it will smash in your hands? There is no risk of that with these gorgeous chunky fair trade glasses from Mexico. Each glass has its own unique characteristics and a solid, weighty feel. This striking turquoise glass range combines traditional handcrafted skills with modern influences in a perfect marriage of traditional and modern.

Dishwasher safe.


These glasses are hand-blown by fair trade artisans in Mexico from recycled drink bottles and other scrap glass. The glass is collected (often from the street) and sold to the small family-run workshop that makes these amazing products. The scrap glass, which would otherwise have ended up in landfill, is then melted down and hand blown and shaped into something new. The glasses are brought to us by Tumi who have, over the course of a 30-year relationship, provided workers with fair wages, good working conditions and a sustainable future. They are, like us members of BAFTS fair Trade Network UK.

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