Lanka Kade Rag Doll - girl doll with white skin and red hair

Lanka Kade Rag Doll - girl doll with white skin and red hair

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These beautiful multi-ethnic rag dolls are designed to represent children from a wide range of diverse backgrounds. Each girl doll wears a unique, handwoven, removable dress and is bundles of cuddly, loveable fun. They are made from handwoven cotton fabric with polyester filling and acrylic hair and are CE marked suitable from birth. All of these dolls are hand washable at 30deg or below and can be tumble dried at a low temperature - always assuming you can prise them away from your small person for long enough!

Height: 22 cm.


These dolls are lovingly handcrafted by skilled artisans in Sri Lanka from handwoven fabric. Lanka Kade's commitment to their producers supports their growth and development, whilst ensuring their employees have a sense of job satisfaction and that their employment is valued. Each purchase directly supports an educational foundation that provides books and daily milk drinks to several rural schools in Sri Lanka.

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