Fair Trade Chilli Sauce - Zulu Fire
Fair Trade Chilli Sauce - Zulu Fire
Fair Trade Chilli Sauce - Zulu Fire

Fair Trade Chilli Sauce - Zulu Fire

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Zulu Fire is a red chilli sauce with great body and exceptional depth of rich flavour. It is built on real vegetables and although it is not blisteringly hot, it does have a fair bite! It complements tomato-based vegetarian dishes as well as beef or chicken. It can be used as a marinade, during cooking, or for super chilli fans, it can be used as a table condiment or dipping sauce.

The striking wire heads on the bottles are made in a protected workshop for people with mental health disabilities. This is a very valuable source of income for the group and they take great pride in the fact that their handiwork is exported all over the world

With their attractive and eyecatching designs, the Ukuva range of sauces is the "Taste of Africa" - feisty, lively and often fiery; a travellers tale told in flavours.

Please note that due to Covid restrictions your bottle may not come with the distinctive wire and beading.

240ml bottle.


Turqle Trading, who make these fantastic sauces, are guaranteed members of the WFTO (World Fair Trade Organisation). As well as paying the producers a fair price, they also donate a percentage of the cost price towards the education of workers and their families. At the heart of Ukuva, is Turqle's commitment to transparency, sustainability and accountability; the process of fair trade and fair trading and of supporting and growing opportunities in South Africa.

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