Dalit Candle Rahul Single
Dalit Candle Rahul Single

Dalit Candle Rahul Single

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These mini candles are called  D'lights for 'Dalit lights' as they are a great alternative to metallic T'lights.  The candles are made from blended beeswax which is placed in hand thrown clay pots. All the Rahul candles come in a biodegradable cardboard box.  The gorgeous little candles make excellent wedding favours.

Individual Burn Time: 4 hours Candle Dimensions: L 4 cm X W 4 cm X H 3 cm


The candles are made by Dalit Goods Co. which was formed to raise awareness and revenue for the work of Life Association and the plight of the Dalit people of India. The term ‘Dalit’ literally translates to downtrodden or oppressed and there are 250 million Dalits (also known as untouchables ) who are exposed to this injustice. Since 1993, Life Association has been reaching and serving the poorest communities in India through schools, children's homes and training. 

The work of Dalit Candles help provide a loving home for children like Rahul who these candles are named after. He was only 4 when his father was killed in a railway accident. As his mother was unable to support him he was adopted into a Life Association boys home in Mumbai and has lived there ever since. Now 16, Rahul is achieving good results in his studies.


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