Coconut “Tortoise” Tawashi brush - Plastic-Free Pan Scrubber

Coconut “Tortoise” Tawashi brush - Plastic-Free Pan Scrubber

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Crafted in Sri Lanka, this Tawashi pan scrubber uses fibre from Coconut palms to give a sustainable biodegradable super versatile brush.

You can use it to clean anything and, as it's made of coconut fibre it isn’t going to scratch your pans. It even has a nice little hanging ring!

It is equally fantastic for cleaning veg, perfect for cleaning cool boxes after messy picnics and great for scrubbing the bath and the sink and the plant pots in the garden and mud off the wellies and so on and so on. The list is endless. Oh yeah, Woks, it's amazing for cleaning Woks!


When you finally defeat this resilient little brush, give it a befitting send-off and put it in the compost. Next year it will be helping to feed your garden plants. Without leaving any plastic waste in the process.

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