Senegalese Fruit Basket

Senegalese Fruit Basket

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A healthy selection of fruit by the side of your laptop while you are working away on the website is a good way to stop you from reaching for the Fairtrade chocolate! And these bowls are the perfect way to make your fruit even more appealing. They are beautifully handwoven and come in a range of different colours and designs. Each basket is unique and will vary from the photos shown. But you can be assured that they are all lovely!

38 cm diameter


These baskets are handmade by artisans in Senegal and are brought to us by Rainstick trading - a company with a long history of specialising in handmade items made using traditional skills in countries in the Global South. Although Rainstick do not have an official fair trade certification we are happy that they are committed to the same principles that we so strongly believe in.

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