Large Jute Shopper Bag - Save Our Bees

Large Jute Shopper Bag - Save Our Bees

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Ok hands up who has a pile of supermarket 'bags for life' at home? It's scary to think that the plastic versions will be around for your whole lifetime and beyond! Why not use one of these eco-friendly, handmade and fair trade jute bags instead? With it's generous size, bright design and padded handles (just in case your shopping happens to include some heavy bottles of Fairtrade wine) this Save Our Bees bag also has an important environmental message! 

Dimensions: 32 x 42 x 18cm
Handle length: 49cm

Vegan friendly.


These jute eco shopping bags are hand-made by fair trade artisans in Kolkata, India. Jute is 100% biodegradable and, unlike some jute bags, these are not lined with plastic. So when these bags finally reach the end of their life they won't leave any plastic waste behind! They are brought to us by Shared Earth, who are a guaranteed member of the World Fair Trade Organisation.

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