Tony's Chocolonely Dark Creamy Hazelnut Crunch

Tony's Chocolonely Dark Creamy Hazelnut Crunch

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Here's a new addition to the vegan options in our Tony's Chocolonely range. This chunky 180g bar contains at least 51% cocoa and is full of crunchy hazelnut pieces and hazelnut, almond paste. Creamy and delicious! This incredibly tasty chocolate leads by example to show the world there is a better way to make chocolate.

Fairtrade dark chocolate 51% cocoa solids


Tony's Chocolonely is one of the newest Fairtrade chocolate brands in the UK. They exist to change the horrible fact that, even now, there is slavery on cocoa farms in West Africa. This is a result of the unequally divided cocoa chain -which is why the bar is purposely designed to make it hard to divide up easily.  Child labour and modern slavery are against the law - it's illegal and it needs to stop. 

Vegan and Palm Oil free

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