Tony's Chocolonely Small Bar Tasting Pack

Tony's Chocolonely Small Bar Tasting Pack

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Can't make your mind up which fabulous Tony's Chocolonely flavour to have? We have the answer, this small bar tasting pack is for you. Individually packed Belgian Fairtrade dark and milk chocolate with nougat, caramel sea salt, hazelnut, and almond sea salt in a box.

Cocoa solids 70% and 51% (dark chocolate), 32% (milk chocolate) minimum.


Tony's Chocolonely exists to change the horrible fact that, even now, there is child labour and slavery on cocoa farms in West Africa. This is despite the chocolate industry signing up to a protocol promising to put an end to these practices as far back as 2001. So in 2021 Tony's launched the Sweet Solutions campaign to try and inspire the big players in the cocoa industry to change. They produced four bars that looked and tasted like some of the leading brands - but were made 100% slavery-free. Tony's will continue to copy their brands (in their own ethical way) until Big Choc raises their game and start to copy Tony's! 

Palm Oil free

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