A Novice’s Spring Fair

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Hurrah! Welcome to Fair and Fabulous’ first ever blog!!

If you’re here, reading this, then I’m hoping it’s because at some point in your life, you have at least wondered what fair trade is and why on earth it’s so important??

My aim is to use this space to keep you informed and up to date on local fair trade events, movements, celebrations and all things Fair and Fabulous from across the globe!

With any luck, you are still reading this, so here’s a little “particle” for your perusal..

February kicked off with the Birmingham NEC Spring Fair, with exhibitors and suppliers attending from all over the world. It. Was. Epic!

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Thousands of products were on display in 20 halls covering 200,000 sq meters in all. The smallest hall was a staggering 3,700 sq meters!! Fortunately for Fair and Fab, most of the fairly traded goods were kindly placed in one hall, though one very large hall!


The BAFTS accredited suppliers formed a distinguishable trail through the seemingly never-ending maze of merchandise! This, no doubt, made it easier for the F’n’F NEC fair veterans, whom having experienced such an event before were able to completely ignore the vast array of colours, fragrances and sparkles as if they were fully blinkered! UN-like myself of course, whose attentions were, shamefully diverted into looking for the biggest, shiniest, most dazzling thing within walking distance!


We saw some familiar faces and products as we went round, spotting any new variations of our old favourites and being reminded of some ‘long lost’ and forgotten items that some of you may recognise…

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For lunch we visited the Trend Bar, taking in a well-attended seminar hosted by BAFTS. Speakers came from different sectors of Fair Trade ranging from event trading and campaigning to product sourcing and presentation. A thought provoking experience. A tear formed as I listened to the hardship of an inspirational group of women in Peru, most of which were working to pay for ‘luxuries’ like eduction, medical care and social services that we often take for granted and receive gratis.


As well as re-acquainting ourselves with some old friends, we found some interesting, potential ‘new’ products for this year! Some sneaky peak pictures of these will be uploaded soon…


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