Front view of a fair trade recycled tyre tote bag. The bag is black with a texture from the tyre tread and mustard trim around the bottom of the bag and edging the straps.
Fair trade recycled tyre black tote bag with mustard trim and lining being carried by a model with white skin and blond hair wearing a white dress with a green leaf and yellow flower pattern. She is stood against a trellis with leaves growing up it.

Recycled Inner Tube Mini Tote Bag

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Another beautiful bag in our fairtrade recycled tyre range. This stunning mini tote bag has a detachable strap so that it can be carried as a tote or worn over your shoulder. It is versatile enough for all your daytime needs, with its internal pocket and zip closing,  but also glamorous enough to take you into an impromptu evening out. The tread of the recycled tyres provides a really interesting texture and the mustard trim gives a beautiful on-trend accent to the design. Practical and beautiful design with strong eco-friendly credentials. What's not to like?

Dimensions: H 22cm x L 20cm x W 11cm

Vegan friendly


These bags are made by Smart Crafts, a small group of artisans in Cambodia who mainly work from their homes and focus on employing victims of landmines and polio. They are brought to us by Lost in Samsara who, like us, are certified members of BAFTS Fair Trade Network UK.

The upcycling of old tyres saves these waste materials from going into landfill, so they are a great sustainable product. Also, the use of these recycled materials provides a fantastic vegan alternative to leather bags.

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