A linen drawstring bag with the eco glitter stamp in the background with six small glass pots of eco glitter in various rainbow shades. in the foreground
6 glass pots of biodegradable eco glitter in rainbow shades of red, gold, green, blue, pink and purple all with metal lids on a wooden shelf and a slate slab. The bamboo application brush and aloe vera gel is also shown in the background

Eco glitter bag set - rainbow

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It is hard to be truly fabulous without a bit of sparkle and we are very partial to a sprinkle of glitter at Fair and Fabulous HQ. However, once you realise the disastrous effects of conventional glitter on the environment in terms of microplastics then it's hard to ever use it again, But does that mean you need to lead a drab and sparkle free life? Not with our range of eco glitters! This environmentally friendly glitter is made from plant cellulose that comes from eucalyptus trees. This cosmetic glitter set consists of 6 x 1.75g glass bottles of glitter in a mix of rainbow colours and grain sizes from fine to chunky.  It comes in a linen bag with a bamboo application brush and aloe vera application gel. It is suitable for application on the face, hair and body and can also be used for crafts. 

Vegan friendly and cruelty-free.  


When you smother yourself in cosmetic glitter, however fabulous you look at the end of the day you wash it straight down the drain. So it is important that any glitter you use will degrade in freshwater rather than stay as microplastics to harm aquatic life.  This bioglitter has been tested to demonstrate that it quickly biodegrades in natural freshwater environments. It has passed the highest level of independent certification for freshwater biodegradability in the world.

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