Palestinian Lantana Dipping and Spice Bowl - Blue

Palestinian Lantana Dipping and Spice Bowl - Blue

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We can guarantee that you won't be left feeling blue if you treat yourself to one of these dipping and spice bowls! This delicate little bowl has a white background which perfectly sets off the traditional Palestinian lantana colour in rich shades of blue. It would look great paired with any other pieces from our Palestinian ceramics range.

9cm diameter x 4cm tall


This range is made in the town of Hebron where the tradition of making and decorating glass and ceramics dates back over 500 years. In total it takes a week to make each item from shaping the clay by hand, painting the traditional Palestinian floral and arabesque designs, through to the final glaze and firing. Making these ceramics creates work for the skilled fair trade artisans who are living in one of the most challenging regions of the world. They are brought to us by Fair To Trade who, like us, are members of BAFTS Fair Trade Network UK. 

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