Fair Trade Spice Grinders - Cape Garden Herbs
Fair Trade Spice Grinders - Cape Garden Herbs
Fair Trade Spice Grinders - Cape Garden Herbs

Fair Trade Spice Grinders - Cape Garden Herbs

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Ukuva spice grinders contain really interesting combinations of herbs and spices that give you an all-in-one easy way to add seasoning to your dishes. The gorgeous green Cape garden herbs in this grinder - a delicious mix of salt, white pepper, rosemary, green peppercorns, basil, oregano and sage - are the perfect seasoning for a wide range of meals. They give a one-stop-shop seasoning for pasta dishes and soups - or anything where you would normally add salt, pepper and herbs. Great for everyday use or as the perfect fair trade gift for any foodie!

If you are buying as a present then we also have gift packs containing hot drops and a spice grinder available!

With their attractive and eyecatching designs, the Ukuva range allows you to experience the "Taste of Africa" without ever leaving home. And you can now buy refill packs to save on waste! The 90g refill pack will fill your existing grinder at least twice.

Suitable for vegans.


Turqle Trading, who make these fantastic sauces and grinders, are guaranteed members of the WFTO (World Fair Trade Organisation). As well as paying the producers a fair price, they also donate a percentage of the cost price towards the education of workers and their families. At the heart of Ukuva, is Turqle's commitment to transparency, sustainability and accountability; the process of fair trade and fair trading and of supporting and growing opportunities in South Africa.

The tassels on the grinders are made in a protected workshop for people with mental health disabilities. This is a very valuable source of income for the group and they take great pride in the fact that their handiwork is exported all over the world.

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